Jean Bouteille 'Due Paradiso' SYRAH + VIOGNIER

  • $40.00

Region: The Range, Adelaide Hills
Country: Peramangk

Boysenberry. Bramble. Luxardo cherry.

A radical spin on a classic, by the one Jean Bouteille.

Ultra low extraction on this here SYRAH, leaving you a highly fragrant, lifted rendition of this Northern Rhône blend. Lots of purple flowers, densely knit into juicy blues, boysen-blacks and bramble, that all carries straight to the tongue.

There's a 'dankness' on the palate. Luxardo cherry. Some darker fruits to close, with dusty tannins that leave you with a soft 'thwack thwack'—yep, you're still drinking SYRAH.

Your Frenchness is showing, JB. And bloody hell we love it.