Jean Bouteille 'Ronin' PINOT GRIS 2021

  • $38.00

Region: Hahndorf Adelaide Hills
Country: Peramangk

Orange pulp. Fuji apple. Lime. 

A zingy PINOT GRIS from the zany Frenchman known as 'JB'.

The name ‘Ronin’ throws back to a wine Jean-Baptiste made in Japan. This second iteration throws a lucid, deep guava hue, from an infusion of whole berries, skins and delicate stemmy bits. Zesty, orange pulp. Fuji apples. Lime oil, peppered with flecks of sandalwood. There's a mouthwatering interplay of Sour Apple Straps lime, again, more juice, and a light fleshy grip, like edging just-too-far into a watermelon rind.

More complex than your average GRIS, though just as easy as any.