Jean Bouteille 'Ruckus' SEMILLON 2021

  • $38.00

Region: Vine Vale, Barossa Valley
Country: Peramangk + Ngadjuri 

Exotic. Tangerine. Toffee apple.

Ruckus is JB's most triumphant skinsy flex from the 2021 vintage.

A radiant golden orange to behold. The nose is absolutely loaded. PHWOAR! Tangerine, toffee apple and sultry, exotic spices, wafting from a doorway in Old Delhi. Exuberant palate, though quite fine. Dried papaya. Ripe mango, but the mouth's all tingly and fresh. That little backdraft of grip is really pleasant too.

An orange wine right in the goldilocks zone—you'll wanna share this around.