Mischief Brew Sodas

  • $5.00

Notes from Dan & Scott:

A year in the making, we are proud as punch to introduce our new handcrafted soda range. All natural, no added crap, way less sugar than commercial rubbish and bloody delicious.

Bengal Tonic:

Based on the classic Indian tonics of yesteryear with a little modern twist. our Bengal tonic has a complex earthy bitterness from raw cinchona bark, bright citrus notes from fresh grapefruits, lemons and limes and the gentle aromatics of organic pimento. And a pinch of pink lake salt. Of course.

Ginger & Pepperberry Ale:

Deep and aromatic ginger, with a lick of lemon to keep things fresh. We added a touch of Tassie pepperberry to this one for extra bite. If you listen carefully you can actually hear it crying out for a splash of rum. Or bourbon. Or whiskey.

Myrtle Lemonade:

What’s better than an ice cold lemonade on a hot day? That’s right. Nothing. We add a sprig or two of lemon myrtle to ours to add some depth and complexity. And because we are pretty fancy like that.

Spiced Cola:

We threw out the rulebook here. No kola nut, no caffeine, no crap. A perfect balance of citrus, organic spices and burnt sugar. You ain’t tried a cola until you’ve tried an MB Cola.

Soda Water:

The elixir of life; with added bubbles.