Saison Summer Flowers Vermouth

  • $55.00

Grapes: Moscato

Region: Rutherglen, VIC 

Style: Vermouth

Tasting Notes: Complex, Bitter, Floral

Notes from Dave: This year’s blend has seen some major refinements in the winery and is considerably more complex than seasons past. This time around we have added to the blend of wild flowers using marigolds, rose geranium, elderflowers, chamomile, peaches, apricots and two varieties of wormwood. All wild picked or bio-dynamically farmed for us in Victoria.
Once again we are working with a Moscato base wine from Rutherglen which is not certified but farmed guided by organic principles. The base wine is blended with our botanical extracts in high quality South Australian grape spirit, balanced with a small amount of organic sugar and aged with a few more flowers thrown in for good measure. This vermouth is vegan.