Shobbrook 'Sammion' SEMILLON 2021

  • $60.00

Region: Vine Vale, Barossa Valley
Country: Peramangk + Ngajduri

Mouthwatering. Pear flesh. Fruit Box

We've never seen SEMILLON like this. Ever. And it couldn't be more pleasurable.

'Sammion' pushes this plucky ol' champion of the Barossa Valley forward. Aromatically, it's overtly tropical, yes, but it draws you in with almost muscat notes—Tommy says it's the old vines doing this. So warm and inviting. Then the flavour. It's so fruity. Like, absolutely packed full. Your cheeks will flood with pear flesh and apple juice, with tinned pineapple dribbling down your chin.

It's the ultimate boozy Fruit Box for adults.
Made with nothing other than grapes.
Rare as an emu's tooth.