Shobbrook 'Poolside' SYRAH Rosé 2021

  • $56.00

Grapes: SYRAH
Region: Vine Vale
Country: Peramangk + Ngadjuri

Enigmatic. Raspberry sherbert. Watermelon.

We know it. You know it. We're pleased to claim that the 2021 'Poolside' is Tom and Emma's greatest iteration yet.

A two-week 'rolling ferment' of Barossa Valley SHIRAZ (picked long before anyone around there even thinks about harvesting this almighty grape) draws upon more detail and depth than any other wine of this hue. Yes, it looks like a rosé, but it's so much more. Dribbles of just-plucked red berries, held taught with the brightest of acidity. Raspberry sherbet. Watermelon juice. It's layered and generous, yet supple.

Fridge it, yes, then let it warm gently as you drink it.
Though we all know it never lasts that long.